Flowering Liquid - Boosters

Flower boosters, also know as bloom boosters, are supplemental nutrients used to promote budding and flowering in living soil plants during the flowering cycle. They are generally higher in phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) and can be used alongside a base flowering nutrient to enhance flowering and increase final yield. Flower boosters come in a liquid form and should only be used if the plant is in good shape. Using flower boosters can result in increased yields and better flavour. However, too much can result in the burning of leaves. It is always recommended to use them according to the manufacturers directions and monitor your plants closely after application.

We stock liquid flower boosters for your plants including some organic options. Canna Boost is a flower booster that actually increases a plant's photosynthesis. If you are looking for organic flower boosters, you can check out Canna Bio Boost and Professors Flower Boost. These nutrients are highly concentrated and will need to be diluted before application. Refer to your feed schedule in order to find the best time to use flower boosters.

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