Flowering Liquid - Base

Base nutrients contain all the main components to help keep plants healthy while flowering in living soil. They are typically used throughout the entire flowering phase. Flowering nutrients generally contain less nitrogen (N) and more phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) which results in enhanced flower and fruit production. Liquid nutrients are beneficial in many ways. They are the best choice to supply nutrients to a living soil plant quickly. Granular or solid fertilisers take time to release nutrients, but liquid fertilisers contain nutrients in a readily available form. When applied to living soil, plants can easily uptake the nutrients through their roots. Nutrients can also be applied to the leaves of a plant using a method called foliar feeding.

Aqua Gardening has a large number of base nutrients and fertilisers in liquid form that can be used to promote plant flowering and fruiting. Our liquid fertilisers come in highly concentrated forms and must be diluted before applying to living soil. For foliar application, we suggest you dilute the fertilisers even more. The dilution rate is different for depending on the type nutrient. Please refer to the manufacturers directions for the correct dilution rate and recommended dosage before application. To promote the healthy flowering of your plants, you can use Bloom Flower or Canna Terra Flores. For a fully organic base nutrient, check out Professors Organic Bloom Nutrient of Canna Bio Flores.

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