Growing With Benefits

Before you type in Google "Aqua Gardening coupon code", let us tell you a secret - these coupons will never work on our website and they are just wasting your time.

Many websites claim to have "Aqua Gardening coupons or discount codes", but the truth is that we generally don't provide any other websites with promotional codes. We keep this for our Members only.

So here is a cheat sheet on how to get these common discounts without spending hours looking for them online and getting annoyed that they don't work:

  • "Aqua Gardening coupon" - You can view all valid coupons on our "Exclusive Offers" Page

  • "Aqua Gardening Vouchers" - Same as above :) 

  • "Aqua Gardening free shipping" - No coupon is needed. Just spend more the $249 (PS - we have the cheapest shipping policy in the gardening industry)

  • "Aqua Gardening Promo Codes" - Check out our Friday drop Member's deals

  • "Aqua Gardening deals" - Check out our locked-price products 

  • "Aqua Gardening Freebie" - did you know that every order above $150 qualifies for a FREE GIFT? And a FREE magazine? To see all the free stuff you can get, check out our "Exclusive Offers" page.

  • "Aqua Gardening Discount" - want to save some more? We all do!! We do not offer "10% off coupon codes for Aqua Gardening newsletter signup" - for more than 30 years, we have grown our business on long-term relationships with our customers, and the more you shop with us the more you save. So stop shopping around: sign up as a member for FREE, and join a community of more than 65,000 Grow with benefits members

If you love great savings, there is a simple way to get REAL product offerings from us...

Then make sure you become a member and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you do not miss out on any email-only offers LEGIT offers.


Growing with Benefits – The Best Loyalty Program in the Industry

Aqua Gardening is committed to providing a simple and effective way to introduce hydroponic and automatic gardening systems to homes across Australia.

Get the most out of shopping online with our “Growing With Benefits” loyalty program. Every dollar you spend with us allows you to collect 1 “drop”. You can start spending your drops immediately after your first purchase - there's no need to wait for a gift card.




How can I redeem my drops?

Click here to see a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your drops. It is as easy as going to the checkout and applying your credit.

How do I get my members discount?

Your members discount is applied when you log in to your account. You must log into your account before checking out, otherwise, the discount will not be applied to your order. Please note: We can not apply this discount after you have checked out, so please ensure you are logged into your account when making purchases.

How long will it take to get my drops?

You will receive your drops immediately after you complete your purchase.

When will my drops expire?

There are 2 types of Drops:

Regular- these are the ones you earn on every order, and they do not expire- you can redeem them whenever you want!

Bonus drops promo- These drops are part of a promotion, they will expire within 3 months. So make sure you use them up first at checkout.

When do you assess my membership tier?

As soon as you sign up as a customer, you will be put into the "Seed" membership tier.

After this, you will be automatically upgraded to the "Seedling", "Leaf" or "Flower" membership tier depending on your total spend in the last 12 months.

Seedling - Total spend in the past 12 months: $500 to $2,500
Leaf - Total spend in the past 12 months: $2,500 to $5,000
Flower - Total spend in the past 12 months: $5,000 or more

It takes around 24 hours for your membership tier to change. So once you have spent enough to qualify for the next level, you will get access to all the benefits of the next level within 24 hours.

The status of all "Seedling", "Leaf", and "Flower" members are assessed automatically based on the past 12 months' spend.

How can I access the exclusive training videos?

Exclusive training videos are available to customers in the Seedling, Leaf or Flower membership tiers.

1. First, log in to your Aqua Gardening account here.

2. Next, navigate to our video section located in the Learning Hub.

3. At the bottom of each video category, you will find videos that are exclusive to you. Enjoy!

Is my tier discount available on all products?

Your discount will be available on about 99% of our product range.

It is not available on some products like gift cards and a handful of other products that we must comply with the RRP.

Your price will be displayed on the product as "Your price", with our regular Seed price below as the "Normal price".

Can I get a Trade discount?

If you have a business and will be purchasing products from us on a regular basis, you can apply for a trade discount here.


Other Discounts

Aqua Gardening has a simple pricing structure, and our aim is to keep our prices as low as we can.

Make sure you visit our member's hub for exclusive offers and discounts that change on a weekly basis. 

Please always keep in mind that Aqua Gardening offers the cheapest shipping rate in the industry and the lowest Free shipping minimum spend offer, and that is a big saving for you. ( plus, you can choose a freebie at the members hub... shhh)

But If you do find a cheaper price - we will match it.

Click here to see how to easy it is to price match!

We rarely have regular promotions, as we believe our regular customers should benefit from year-round discounts when they are loyal.

We have clearance, discontinued, damaged and second-hand goods available to purchase at discounted prices on our On Sale page. You can view what is available here.

* Please note that there are many discount codes on 3rd party websites; however, these are from other websites that we have no control over. Generally, they are all false coupon codes that we do not honour. If the codes didn't arrive at your email address, from the member's hub or in a flyer from us, it doesn't exist! So make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, and keep shopping with us to be rewarded by gaining higher tiers in our rewards program to ensure you get the best price possible!

Promotional Pricing

Aqua Gardening has a few sales events during the year. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, as we usually give early access to our members.

Our promotional prices can change once stock is sold out or when there is limited stock for a promotion.

The only valid price is on our website, as price display on advertising may no longer be available if the promotional allocated stock has been sold out.