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Introducing Aqua Gardening's Growing with Benefits Members' Exclusive Offers: A dedicated category to reward our loyal members with unparalleled access to exclusive discounts and freebies to suit all sorts of gardeners.
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Here's a brief glimpse of what you can expect from our Members' Exclusive Offers page:

  • Collaborations with your favourite brands for free merchandise and product samples.
  • Exclusive coupon codes for members only.
  • Gifts for eligible orders.
  • Members-only exclusive competitions.

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How to redeem these offers:

1. First, Choose your freebie and add it to your cart.
2. Make sure you are logged in to your member's account, to make sure you are eligible.
3. Start shopping to meet the offer conditions eg. a cart value of $249.
4. A coupon will be applied automatically to your cart.


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Terms and Conditions

All offers are while stock lasts, with no backorders. All offers can be discontinued without notice. Aqua Gardening can not add a freebie or an offer after an order is completed.