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With the constant increase in prices across the board, keeping your gardening budget in check can be a challenge. Price Locked products helps alleviate this issue with the opportunity to continue enjoying your favourite gardening products at yesterday's prices!


What are "Price Locked" Products?

Price Locked is a special group of products at Aqua Gardening, exclusively chosen for our loyal members to get the most out of their garden projects. In this category, we offer a selection of core gardening products at a fixed, low price, so you won't feel the pinch as badly with constantly rising costs.


How Does It Work?

The Aqua Gardening team keeps a close eye on market trends and price fluctuations in the gardening industry. Whenever we anticipate an increase in the price of core products, we act proactively, purchasing in bulk just before the prices go up. Aqua Gardening is able to maintain the lower cost for a longer period, which is then passed on as savings to our members.

Any time you're shopping, simply log in to your Aqua Gardening account to see the old price listed alongside the new, higher retail price. As a member, you can continue purchasing the item at the lower, locked price, in some cases a Leaf or Flower discount on the new price is better and you will see the cheaper price either locked or your discounted item.


Key Features of the "Locked Price" Product Category:

  1. Exclusive Access for Members: Only Aqua Gardening members can take advantage of our Price Locked offerings.
  2. Transparent Pricing: We display both the old and new prices for your convenience, so you can clearly see the savings you're getting with each Price Locked item, and can plan for the future how to accommodate for the new price, or ask us for alternative products.
  3. Beat the Price Hike: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Aqua Gardening has done the research to secure these products for you right before prices increase, giving you more time to enjoy lower prices without compromising on your gardening needs.

If you're not already an Aqua Gardening “Grow With Benefits” member, sign up for free and start benefiting from our unique Price Locked selection. Shop the Locked prices and focus on watching your garden flourish!

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