Combined Grow and Flowering - Organic Tea Kits

Organic tea kits are used to brew liquid fertilisers to feed living soil plants. These fertilisers contain all the macro and micro nutrients, enzymes, and amino acids. Tea kits contain organic ingredients, like alfalfa meal, kelp, bone meal, blood meal, humic and fulvic acid, oyster shell, a blend of beneficial microbes, etc. Organic tea brewed from these ingredients is highly concentrated and can instantly boost the overall growth of a plant.

We offer many organic tea kits and accessories for brewing organic tea for your living soil plants. You can apply this liquid fertiliser to both indoor and outdoor plants. Brewing tea from these organic kits is simple. You only need to add half cup of tea into 10L of water. You then add 10ml of Molasses to enhance the decomposition rate. Aerate the mixture using an air stone and an air pump for a minimum of 36 to 48 hours. After this process, the tea is diluted 1:1 with normal water and can be applied directly to the soil or to the leaves via foliar feeding.

Please note: Organic tea kits are not for human consumption, they are designed for plants only!

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