Combined Grow and Flowering - Liquid

Liquid fertilisers contain all the nutrients in a readily available form. Different nutrients contain different amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) which are the main elements that plants need to grow and thrive. These elements can sometimes be lacking from living soil and without them, plants will suffer from stunted growth and nutrient deficiencies. These elements can easily be replenished using liquid nutrients. Plants absorb these minerals through their roots. They can even absorb them through their leaves by means of foliar feeding. Liquid nutrients are highly concentrated and must be diluted to the correct ratio before applying to a plant.

Aqua Gardening has stocked a large number of liquid fertilisers with a range of purposes. These products will supply all the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth and fruiting. You can also check individual products that are designed to promote plant growth, stimulate roots and encourage flowering and fruiting. The Bio Diesel Green Diamond is an effective liquid fertiliser for your living soil garden.

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