Soil aeration is a process of supplying oxygen-rich air to the soil pores. Soil aeration is recommended to maintain the oxygen level in a soil body because soil microorganisms and plant roots need oxygen for their respiration. Without the presence of adequate oxygen in the soil pores, the soil system will become anaerobic. As a result, the microorganisms and plant roots won't function properly.

Aqua Gardening has a wide range of products to help with the aeration of your potting mix and living soil. We stock Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles, Expanded Clay Balls, Perlite, Vermiculite, Scoria (Pumice) and even Rice Hulls. These coarse materials create macropores that improve the and air circulation in the soil and assits with drainage. Some of these products even store water for a certain period of time which can help to prevent your plants from drying out. If your garden soil is very dense or has too much clay, we suggest you try one of these aeration products to loosen up your soil and improve the air circulation.

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