Iceline pipe lowers the temperature of the nutrient solution in your system using a simple but effective dual-core design. A white outer layer reflects light and lowers heat levels within the pipe, while the black inner layer protects against UV. This has a profound effect on the overall temperature of your reservoir tank. Lower nutrient temps mean fewer problems and healthier plants. If nutrient temps are too high the quantity of dissolved oxygen that your nutrient solution can hold is drastically reduced and your reservoir becomes a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Every degree counts, especially during the summer Iceline piping could well be the difference between a completely failed crop and a bumper harvest.

  • Lowers the temperature of your nutrient solution
  • Dual-core construction
  • Reflective white outer layer to reduce heat & nutrient temps
  • Black inner reflects UV
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels better nutrient uptake
  • More stable EC levels
  • More stable pH levels
  • Reduces the risk of root diseases such as pythium


SKU AG1818
Brand Iceline
Type Tubing


1 Year Warranty

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