Pond Liners

Aqua Gardening has been stocking, cutting and selling pond liner to length since 1995. We only stock high quality pond liners, which include PVC and EPDM pond liners, and we cut them to size and ship them to you securely and with a damage-free guarantee.

The thicknesses stocked are 0.5mm (PVC) for small ponds, and Firestone EPDM Pond Liner with thickness of 1.02mm and higher. Firestone EPDM pond liners are made from high quality rubber in the United States, and are particularly popular for fish safe ponds, lakes, swimming ponds. Firestone liners also come with a 20 year guarantee. If you are experiencing a leaky concrete pond, or you have trees close to your pond, consider the Firestone EPDM pond liner and some pond underlay geofabric for more certainty against future leaks. If you are budget conscious or only building a small (less than 3 metre) frog or goldfish pond, PVC Pond Liner is the perfect choice.

For those interested in a complete pond solution including pond, pump, filter, fittings and pond lights, consider our Pond Kit with options for installation available through Aqua Gardening too.

Pond Liner Calculator

Pond Liner

Enter the dimensions that represent the longest, widest and deepest dimensions of your pond. This is to ensure that the pond liner covers the required area, including some overlap for the edges of the pond.

Based on the information provided, you will require a pond liner size of:




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