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The Quality

ARS has been known for many years as the most exclusive and high-quality pruning tool, for both the professional user and the quality-conscious private individual. By exclusively using highquality steel, ARS excels with its quality. For almost all ARS products, all parts are available separately. ARS stands for quality and offers the user a guarantee against manufacturing defects of up to 25 years!

The Future

Thanks to the sophisticated delivery program, ARS is truly at home in all markets. ARS is the only supplier in the world with such a high-quality and at the same time broad package, making it unique in its kind. By constantly refining the quality and expanding the product range, ARS is always one step ahead. ARS guarantees every user a good result for now and in the future!


Steel Quality

Together with various steel manufacturers, ARS has developed the most suitable steel for its products. The steel must meet the high standard of ARS, which is above the standard of JIS (Japan Industrial Standard).


Hard Chrome Plated

This method offers high hardness, rust resistance, sharp looks and superior durability. The smooth surface also prevents juices from sticking to the blades, ensuring maximum performance from your ARS tool.


Design and Ergonomics

Ergonomics, economy and durability are important features of ARS products, which are developed by experienced, trained professionals.


Impulse Hardened

The innovative “Impulse Hardening” method involves heating and cooling the steel, within a few thousands of a second, using the impact of a high-frequency current. This allows ARS to achieve hardness from 900HV to 950HV on the Vicker scale while maintaining high elasticity. Impulse-hardened blades therefore last approximately three times longer under normal conditions.


Unique Tooth Setting

ARS blades are thinner at the back of the blade and thicker at the saw teeth, ensuring minimal drag. The saw blades are sharpened by fully automated grinders to always achieve the same, perfect result.


Pruning Shears

Ergonomics are a matter of course with the ARS pruning shears. An complete package of pruning shears for all types pruning work for the professional user. By exclusively using high-quality steel, ARS excels in its quality.


Pruning Saws

A wide variety of pruning saws of very high quality. A high class product, equipped with the innovative tooth settings and frictionreducing notches. ARS is the inventor of the ‘’PULL SAW’’ method or the pull saw.



The original ARS fruit shears are available in various designs in both red and the unique HACCP blue. Much imitated, but not equaled. You will also fi nd a large collection of scissors for various other activities.


Long Reach Pruners

With the ARS long reach pruners you will only fi nd quality, for pruning work at great heights. The unique long arm shears are available in various lengths and designs.


Telescopic Poles and Pole Saws

If you cannot work high enough with the long arm shears, you can certainly do that with the telescopic poles and pole saws, as their length varies from 1.8 to 5.5 meters. By using only highquality steel, lightweight aluminum and the unique teeth, sawing at height is also easier.

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