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Cyco specialises in cutting edge hydroponic nutrients and hydroponic additives for maximum yield.

Cyco boasts more than 28 years' experience in the hydroponics industry, and their focus on the industry has made them and their products renowned and trusted in hydroponic growing.

The Cyco Platinum Series line of plant nutrients is the benchmark in plant nutrient purity, performance and technical advancement. Our products also contain analytical, pharmaceutical, technical and food grade ingredients to ensure a high quality product during and after the manufacturing process.

The result is a spectacularly clean, efficient and potent product allowing growers across the world to have the purest plants Mother Nature and science allows. SJ Enterprises is also the proud manufacturer of the Cyco Platinum Series line of planting mediums.

Cyco Platinum Series Coco Coir, Coco Pearl and Coco Bitz mediums slated for organic food production by utilizing the finest organic inputs in our OMRI certified Seamix and Wormix products. Cyco Platinum Series Clay holds the prestigious GGS German Geological Survey stamp of approval guaranteeing no dangerous leachates or heavy metal contamination.

Rest assured the team at SJ Enterprises is tireless in our pursuit of the very best products utilizing the most advanced manufacturing methods and ingredients available today for you, our valued customers.

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