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Easy CO2 for Healthier Plants and Cuttings

The Green Pad CO2 Generators are an innovative and very easy way to supplement your indoor grow environments with Carbon Dioxide.

  • CO2 will give you Higher Yields and healthier plants
  • For your indoor Hydroponic and soil marijuana growers
  • Tools for gardening

The Green Pads look like sheets that hang above the canopy or are inserted in a clone dome then they start  absorbing the garden or domes humidity to power its CO2 generating reaction.

Made from all natural chemicals, that when exposed to humidity, begin a measured CO2 release. Without expiration issues use the The Green Pad CO2 Generators when your garden needs them.

  • Keep unused Green Pad CO2 Generators in original sealed package untill you need them. 
  • Just 35%+ humidity is needed to begin the Green Pads CO2 reaction and release.
  • By lightly misting the Green Pads, you can increase that activation to fit your gardens needs.
  • With a full line of Green Pad CO2 Generators now available starting in sizes for clone domes, grow tents and now larger gardens.


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