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Grow more, pollute less, know what's in the bottle!

Grow-Genius isn't a boast about being "geniuses of growing", it's about growing the amount of genius in the world by sharing the best sustainable science you can.

Measurably Better
Measurable improvements on current products with honest marketing and minimum spin

Fairly Priced
Priced so that everyone can benefit from cutting edge plant science

Soil Friendly
Safe for use with beneficial bacteria and fungi, certified organic when we can

Clearly Labelled​
Ingredients clearly defined, heavy metals certification available to all customers


The statements above come with the caveat "when used as directed" because there is always a way to cause harm through overuse or misuse of a product - but there are no unfair marketing generated askerisks here: this is genuinely how we operate.

Our products have uncomplicated, factual names because we want you to know how they work and what's in them. We clearly state active ingredient content in meaningful units and list as many ingredients as we can. We believe the power to make informed choices is important.

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