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What is HYCLEAN™?

A non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaner that removes and prevents the buildup of salts and minerals in irrigation lines and grow media.

When paired with nutrient feed and used from the beginning of your grow cycle, HYCLEAN™ keeps your system and grow media clean, preventing toxicities or imbalances and resulting in a higher quality finished product.

HYCLEAN™ can be used for regular maintenance and cleaning of your irrigation system, while growing or for a deep clean of your grow system between crops. 

Different ways you can use HYCLEAN

How to Use HyClean: While Growing;

  • For regular maintenance and cleaning of your irrigation system mix 1 mL of HYCLEAN per 3.78L of water or nutrient solution

How to use Hyclean: Deep clean between grows;

  • Mix 2mL of HYCLEAN per 1L of water

How to use HyClean: Equiment soak;

  • Place equipment and parts in a tub filled with HYCLEAN at dilution rate of 2mL per L of water. let sit for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. For best results, soak over 24 hours and agitate.