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HydroGarden is the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment and services.

Hydroponics is commonly described as growing plants without soil. However, this is not strictly true. A better definition would be that hydroponics is ‘providing all of the plant’s nutrient requirements in soluble form as you water’. Therefore, put in its simplest form this means you could grow a plant in soil of poor quality, by feeding when you water.

Hydroponics is also often considered to be a watch word for indoor gardening as it is seen to cover everything. Some believe hydroponics to be very complicated, but this need not be the case - it is only as difficult or complicated as you make it. 

Using hydroponic techniques gives you the control over the growing environment for your plants. This can be from controlling the nutrient given your plants to the temperature of the environment an everything inbetween!

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