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Insecticide, fungicide, biostimulant and surfactant all-in-one formula. Increase crop health, eliminate pests and disease | People, pet and beneficials friendly.

The agriculture formula, PureCrop1, was developed after a decade of research initially intended for tackling cancer in humans. Today, our company’s mission is to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals as a means to protect our food sources.

As the chemical war wages on, farmers are finding these methods increasingly less effective, and increasingly more harmful to people, soil health, and the environment.

PureCrop1 takes a multi-faceted approach to plant health; organic compounds like vanillin naturally boost plant vitality, while pesky mold spores slip off leaves. However, it is the use of ultramicroscopic colloidal particles that sets PureCrop1 apart as a trailblazer in the future of agriculture. These powerful colloidal particles disrupt the metabolism of sap-sucking pests, and yet, remain entirely inert to the rest of the biosphere.

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