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Every good idea starts with a problem, and ours was simple: grow lights are painfully bright and specialty glasses were too expensive. We have deep roots in the horticulture industry, spending years in grow rooms unprotected, squinting our eyes, and powering through incessant headaches. We watched our co-workers develop permanent eye damage, while others spent whole paycheques on specialty glasses. It was time for a real solution. We are dedicated to helping people in this growing industry protect their eyes and produce their best.

Our lenses block 100% of the UVA and UVB rays emitted by harsh grow lights. Cultivators get complete eye protection and avoid permanent health complications.

Our lenses invert the hue of grow lights for complete protection and clarity, allowing you to see your plants’ true quality and condition making it easier for growers to detect deficiencies in their plants.

As Growers, we set out to produce the best quality product possible. Being able to see clearly in your garden gives us growers a big advantage to make the small adjustments necessary to guarantee we are cultivating the highest quality product possible. 

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