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The Bucket Company offers a wide selection of hydroponic supplies for all growing applications. From home gardens to commercial facilities, our range of products include automated growing kits, drain trays, and irrigation manifolds. Based in Michigan, USA.

  • 2-in-1 Growing Systems that can be used for both Drain to Waste or Hydroponic (Recirculating) growing applications
  • Eliminate daily watering by using a timer to automate growing systems
  • No more long hours using Shop-Vacs to clean wet floors 
  • Raise Growing Systems & Ez-Pz Runoff Tray's off floors with (optional) PVC Legs
  • Versatile products that help with aisle and space management 
  • No tools required for assembly #Ez-Pz
  • Modular systems for maximum flexibility 
  • Save time, money, & water 

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