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We love gardens, whether its pot or pasture, balcony or backyard, we love them all. 

We love the first strawberry, fresh cut lawns, straight cut hedges, ladybugs and butterflies.

We love dirty hands, the smell of manure, kinked hoses and thorny roses.

We love the planting, pruning, weeding, watering, feeding and the fulfilment.

We love seeing something grow from nothing. 

We believe the garden is a magical place. 

At Yates we want to be there with you as you create a space that makes your world a better place. 

We love the gardening journey, we are there to inspire, inform, encourage and provide a helping hand. 

We love the problems, we love the solutions. 

We believe you grow so much more than a garden. 

We believe that a garden brings you happiness, that its good for the heart, spirit and soul.

Yates has established itself as an integral part of Australian and New Zealand gardening history, but much of the company’s success rests on its ability to adapt to changes in lifestyle and to continue meeting the needs of gardeners in each new generation. We are a team of passionate gardeners that are dedicated to helping everyone discover the joy of gardening and seeing success in their back (or front) yard. We want to help you grow so much more than a garden.

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