Date Posted:15 July 2021 

Retailbiz - a digital and print news outlet dedicated to providing the lastest news on the Australia Retail sector - has kindly featured us in an article. 

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'Aqua Gardening drives sales up by triple digits'

Hydroponics equipment supplier, Aqua Gardening, has transformed from being a retail brand to service ecommerce with co-founder and CEO, Shiran Fasst at the helm. As a result, sales increased 300% in 2020 and the company was awarded the 2020 National Retail Best Brand Transformation Award.

Aqua Gardening has maintained 99% growth in 2021 and increased its Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 80 in May 2020 to 92 in May 2021. Their new mission has propelled this forward, which is to ‘empower people to master their health by making gardening accessible, sustainable, successful and easy’.

“Our service ecommerce model combines service and commerce into one concept and aims to promote an online first strategy while still providing our customers with an exceptional in-store experience,” Fasst told Retailbiz in a recent interview.

“At Aqua Gardening, our sales are largely driven by the service and advice our customers receive in-store from our team members, with any subsequent purchases then made online. Our philosophy, sharing our knowledge to ensure our customers are successful and feel supported in their gardening journey, helps us to build loyalty and retention.