Seed Raising Nutrients

Boost your seeds root growth for hydroponics using fertilisers suitable for seeds - "seed nutrients" or "root stimulators". If you've never used a root booster or root tonic, you are warned, you won't go back! 

With a Nutrient Specific for seeds you will enjoy thick and fast root growth resulting in a rapidly growing seedling. Use a "starter soak" instead of water to dip propagation cubes into, or water propagation plugs for the perfect nutrient blend to get seedlings started. 

Alternatively, add a Root Stimulator like Bloom Roots, H&G Roots Excelurator, Rhizotonic or Professor's Go Roots to filtered water for a fast effect.

Suitable foliar sprays for seedlings are here too, and many of the Root Stimulators or Seed Nutrients can also be used to improve growth as a foliar spray too. Check the details on the bottle for the dilution rate for seeds or foliar use.