Owen's Aquaponics - October 2017 Update

Author: Owen   Date Posted:25 October 2017 

Hi All, Just a little update on how the systems are doing. The new fingerlings are going well, but seem to be photo shy, and hide under the pump whenever I lift the lid on their tank, so no real update shots there. The big system is doing ok, The fish are powering on but I have had a aphid and caterpillar infestation that I haven't been able to act upon much as the rain washes away anything I try to use to hold them at bay (Mainly Dipel)

Everything is nice and green.... Well what there is left from the caterpillars anyways.

The last of the season of broccoli and cauliflower seems to be bent on survival against all odds, so I will see how it goes.

The fish are getting huge, Some are around the year old mark now, but I am saving the big ones for Christmas.

The Pond system has its next batch of seedlings underway, being marrow, zucchini, cucumber and pumpkin and I finally got around to building a lid for it.

The shed system has been powering on, the Barra are also camera shy. I moved "Cameron" the catfish into the system with them as the Jade Perch seemed to be picking on him quite a bit, as he is about 10 times bigger than the Barramundi, he should be fine in there for now. I plan on moving him into the pond system at a later date. Below is a 3 week difference in plant growth under the 315w LEC. The capsicum and tomato plants appear to be taking over, the lettuce is in there somewhere.

One side of the shed system has been converted into a test bench. It's pretty handy with everything in front of you, spread out for easy access.

I was trying to add a few videos of the fish feeding, but it doesn't seem to want to let me, so below is a link or two for the ones I have on Instagram.



Jade perch. Food Hoover's of the fish world.

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Always friendly at food time.

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Thanks for looking, I hope your systems are all going well :)