Starting With Aquaponics

Author:   Date Posted:30 May 2018 

I've been interested for quite some time in Aquaponics, and this is the start that I've been after. The ball is rolling quickly now, however I am still testing my hand. I bought a small set up from Aquagardening to get me started, I got some great advice from Julian and I can't thank him highly enough. I allowed the water to begin conditioning for a week (almost 3 weeks ago now), at the end of this week I put some plants from Bunnings in and then a week later they had more than doubled in size. Tomorrow in daylight I will test the water to see if levels are right, and hopefully at this point I'll be able to make the decision to get some fish involved in the mix. I have bigger plans than this, and I will be grateful for any advice along the way. I will post more as I know more.




Thank you