A Stunning Way to Boost Your Home’s Value: Backyard Ponds & Water Features
Author: Aqua Gardening
Date: 21 December 2021

A Stunning Way to Boost Your Home’s Value: Backyard Ponds & Water Features

The addition of a backyard pond or water feature not only does wonders for your health and wellness, it can also add value to your home.

And thankfully, it’s easier than ever to make the living-garden upgrade! We know some of you may be thinking, “what about the bugs?” or “won’t the water start to smell?”. Fear not. We’ll give you a brief explainer on everything pond related and why bugs or smells won’t be a problem!

So let’s dive right in.

Your at-home oasis

It’s often thought that a backyard pond or water feature is a lot of work. In fact, they’re easier to maintain than the same area in lawn—just think, less mowing! Ponds are often self-sustaining and require little upkeep, but deliver a range of benefits to you, your family, and your home. You bring nature to your (back) doorstep, with the sound of running water, seasonal frogs, fish and birds all adding to the charm. And with a lot of us spending more time at home due to pandemic-induced work changes and the like, having a small or large backyard pond can bring a nice moment of calm.

But a backyard pond or water feature also brings a point of difference to your home in the neighbourhood. It can be the centrepiece of your yard and act much like an asset to your home’s future resale value.

Living ponds, living gardens

The concern a lot of people have when they think of a pond is bugs—namely, mosquitoes. Thankfully, with living, flowing ponds, bugs aren’t a concern. Mosquitoes tend to prefer shallow water less than 30cm. All pond kits available from Aqua Gardening are designed for depths greater than this, mostly around 50cm, that are ideal for fish and frogs, and not mosquitoes. Additionally, with the use of a pump and waterfall system, the water is always moving—another thing bugs like mosquitoes don’t like. This means stagnant water and associated smells are also kept at bay.

As mentioned, with a pond of this depth, you can have fish, turtles, and other animals make it home. Planting water lilies and other water-loving plants nearby also boosts the pond’s appearance and gives your yard that extra natural atmosphere. This means, you’ll get a yard that smells great, sounds alive, looks lush, and feels pleasant.  

The options

Aqua Gardening offers a range of Aquascape pond kits in a variety of sizes. A small pond kit builds a pond that’s about 2.5 metres by 3.5 metres, increasing to 3 by 5 metres for medium, and then 6 by 8 metres for a large. The kits are available to be installed DIY or we can arrange for an expert to come to your property to install as required. Inside comes everything you need, including a pond skimmer, filter, pipe and plumbing accessories, geotextile underlay, automatic dosing system and more. When you want a gorgeous pond for your yard, but don’t know where to begin, a pond kit is the solution!

We also sometimes get questions regarding fencing and laws related to pools!

Thankfully, if there are no access points to your pond, like steps, fencing isn’t required.

This keeps the natural beauty and charm of your pond intact.

So, if you’ve moved to a new property and are wishing to make it your own, or simply wanting to do up your existing home, a backyard pond or water feature is the ideal solution! You’ll not only impress friends and family and add a charming relaxation spot to your yard, you’ll boost the value of your home in a tough market!

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