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Aeroponics Beginners Guide

Aeroponics is a grow method where nutrient solution is sprayed directly onto the roots of a plant. The plants roots hang down in mid air and get everything they need in an oxygen and nutrient rich environment.

Aeroponics plant roots

Aeroponics System Components

A simple aeroponics system consists of a pump, a reservoir, an air pump and air stones, spray jets and a grow bed. Nutrient solution from a reservoir is pumped up into the grow bed and delivered through tiny spray jets directly onto the plants roots. Any nutrients that are not absorbed by the plants roots simply drains back into the reservoir and the cycle repeats. The reservoir contains air stones and and air pump to aerate the nutrient solution.


Seedlings and cuttings are carefully planted into net pots filled with clay pebbles. If the seedling were raised in soil you will need to wash the soil off before planting them into the net pots. Rinse the clay pebbles thoroughly and carefully space the roots out (without crushing them) through the moistened clay pebbles. Place the net pots into the holes on the lid of the aeroponics system.


Add water to the reservoir and mix nutrients to the specified concentration on the label of the bottle. An EC (Electro-Conductivity) Meter is helpful to test the nutrient concentration.


After adding nutrient, adjust the pH to the recommended level. An electronic pH pen or pH test kit can help you reach the desired pH level.

Watering  Times

When starting an aeroponics grow with small plants, you can have the spray jets turned on constantly. Over a few weeks the plants with shoot long roots out down towards the sprayers. When the plants are established you can change the watering cycle to 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off.

Young tomato roots in aeroponics kit Aqua Gardening

Monitoring & Upkeep

Monitor the EC and pH levels throughout the grow and adjust as necessary. Dispose and replace the nutrient solution with a fresh mix every 2 to 3 weeks.

Aeroponics hydroponic system

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