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Aquaponics or Hydroponics Which is Best for Me and My Family

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Hi I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening.

So you’re interested in growing your own food and taking control on the quality of the produce you provide to your family, but how can you decide which method of soil-less gardening suits you the best?

Well the good news is, that no matter whether you choose aquaponics or hydroponics, each method can be converted to the other one with some easy changes – so you cannot go wrong!

Let’s break down each pros and cons of each method to help you decide which is best for you and your lifestyle.

Hydroponic systems are set and forget which is great for people that travel a lot. With any of these systems, once you have set them up, you will need to do maintenance once every 2 weeks – that's it!. And to clarify, what is maintenance, it’s as easy as refilling the water and adding plant food, making it just a 10 min job or less! Compare this to driving to the supermarket to go and buy groceries. So if you don’t have a lot of spare time and just want to grow food in the easiest and fastest way, the hydroponic path is the one for you.

Aquaponics systems give you the reward of healthy and great tasting fish as well as fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit. They are easy to operate, but require a little bit more effort in the starting stages and to keep an eye on the fish. But once the fish are more established it is plain sailing all the way. In the first 3 months you will need to test your water a couple times a week to make sure it is ok for the fish, and every day you will need to feed your fish unless you use a fish feeder. Our complete instructions to Aquaponic growing take out the guess work and make the whole process easy, so you can’t mess this up.

Once the first 3 months are behind you, and the eco system created will be working for you. Fish will still need to be fed daily, but you can do this using an automatic fish feeder which you top once every 2 weeks. We also recommend you test your water every couple of weeks to check if any supplements are needed.

So if you love fishing or eating safe, fresh fish that is grown at home, instead of a third world country, this is the path you should choose.

So as you can see both Hydroponics and Aquaponics are great systems to start with and are great to get the whole family involved. With many schools also introducing Aquaponics and Hydroponics as part of science courses, and new age gardening techniques, your kids will be way head of their class mates with these future gardens.

Remember that no matter which system you have chosen, Aqua Gardening is here to help! Once you buy one of our kits you will have full access to our knowledge base, and videos, and you can call us with any questions you have. Our mission is to make sure you will be able to grow your food easily, even without a green thumb in your entire family! Our expertise in making these automatic garden systems thrive, is what makes us Australia’s leading provider of Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

So now you have a feel which path suits you the best, check our system selection guide on the link below that will help you to choose the system for your specific needs. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee so if you change your mind you can return the system to us for your money back.

I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening - Safe, healthy food that grows itself.

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