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Automatic Gardens Save You Time and Maintenance

Video Transcript:

Hi, It’s Shiran From Aqua Gardening,

So you know smart farmers are taking up hydroponics and aquaponics to produce more food, produce it faster, and at a lower cost, but did you know thousands of Australian backyards are converting too?

The work required to maintain a garden is the biggest reason people give up towards the end of summer or after their first crop of food. But imagine not having to work with soil – but having a garden at waist height, without weeds, and didn’t require watering? This is why so many are converting to our automatic garden systems to create fresh, safe food that grows itself.

The only maintenance you need to do is just 10 minutes job every week, and harvesting your fresh food for meals it where the majority of your time is spent! How much more time does it take to drive to the supermarket, park you car, go shopping and drive back?

Just imagine how much time you can save in grocery shopping along, not to mention the stress of traffic and managing kids in a supermarket LOL!

Our automatic fresh food gardens give the time back to you while giving you satisfaction of a thriving herb and vegetable garden that reduces the impact on the environment as well.

Did you know that your fresh Plants will grow as much as 3 times faster in hydroponics and aquaponics compared to the soil, without the need for any nasty pesticides or chemicals. And aquaponics has the additional benefit of growing your own healthy, fresh source of fish right in your backyard or balcony! The savings add up to 1,000’s of dollars in your pocket.

Maintenance for your automatic garden system consists of quick water checks and adding some plant food which is quick and easy to do.

If you have fish, an automatic fish feeder delivers the right amount of food to your fish twice daily – you don’t have to do a thing! Not only do you save time on maintenance, but your yard becomes practical and beautiful at the same time!

No matter how busy you are with work or kids, you can still produce fresh healthy food for your family.

The kids love getting involved to and get so excited seeing the plants and fish grow so quickly. What better way to teach them about nature and caring for the environment?

To find out which Automatic Garden System is best suited to you and your family, click on the link below. I’m Shiran From Aquagardening - Safe, healthy food that grows itself.

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