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Bell Siphon Installation and Troubleshooting

Bell siphon installation guide

Bell Siphon Installation

If you have purchased one of our Bell Siphons, or are trying to get your own design up and running, the following tips may assist you.

The Bell siphon guide and troubleshooting tips are available here: Aqua Gardening Bell Siphon Guide - New For our older version of siphons, use this guide: Aqua Gardening Bell Siphon Guide

Buy a Bell Siphon

If you would like to purchase one of our robust Bell Siphons, head to our store items here. We have many happy customers across Brisbane using them for Aquaponics.

Our bell siphons are often referred to as Auto Siphons due to the automatic flood and drain cycle created when you have continuous water flow into your grow bed.