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Birds Keep Eating My Fish

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Shiran from Aqua Gardening.

Do you ever look at your pond and wonder where some of your fish have gone? Do you often see birds having a breakfast made up of your fish?

Some birds are very persistant – customers have watched kookaburras perched at the side of their pond, methodically eating all of the fish in there one by one. Many have had herons visit once or twice, and found their fish numbers devastated! These birds are professionals, and you have to be smart and plan to beat them.

The good news is that there are 3 effective solutions to beating the birds at their own game.

The real problem comes from the colourful fish which are so easy to spot from afar. The brighter and more attractive they are, the easier the target they make for the birds.

Solution #1: Water depth and water plants

To give them protection, water plants and a good water depth really go a long way. Building or choosing a pond with a depth of water of 30cm or more is important. We have a number of deep ponds available, and using one of our pond kits also gives you the chance to determine your own depth (show images on screen).

Check with your council on the recommended depth before building.

Water plants take time to establish so we recommend:

Solution #2 – Pond Nets

In the time before you can establish water plants, you could use a pond net over the pond to protect the fish. The black colour of the pond net is the best to keep the pond looking attractive, and still be able to see through it easily. You can purchase these directly from our website using the link below.

Solution #3 – Motion Activated Sprinklers

We love this tool because the birds don’t know what hit them! As a bird walks close, the sprinkler is triggered, spraying water in the direction of the intruder. The bird is startled by the sudden action, or the spray of water hitting them, and flies away.

The device is simply connected to a garden hose to make it work! Click on the links below to find all these products on our website, or discover more ways to look after your pond.

I’m Shiran From Aquagardening - for safe, healthy environments that are a benefit to you and your family.