Community Aquaponics Garden Opening Day

Aqua Gardening is proud to promote Aquaponics in the Brisbane area with the opening of the Community Aquaponics Garden. The three grow beds located in front of the shop are available to the public. The plants were planted by guests at the open day on the 31st of August, 2014. Around 70 people attended the opening day, including the North West News and Enoggera Ward Councillor Andrew Wines. North West News was nice enough to write an article about the community garden here.

Visitors lining up to plant seedlings on the Community Aquaponic Garden opening day

The vegetables are grouped in 3 grow beds according to their region of origin. Water from our 1400L fish pond is cycled through the grow beds to provide nutrients and water to the plants. The system runs 24 hrs a day on a flood and drain cycle, and there is lighting provided for those who can only visit the garden in the evening. All of the Aquaponics produce is free for customers and the public to harvest.

Community aquaponic garden

Aqua Gardening is pleased to help promote Aquaponics in the Brisbane area.

 Brisbane aquaponics planting the grow beds at Aqua Gardening

Planting seedlings at the Community Aquaponic Garden opening day - 31/08/2014

Seedling planting aquaponics brisbane

Cr Andrew Wines Planting a seedling

Aqua Gardening Pond and Waterfall Aquaponics system

Aqua Gardening's Aquaponics Pond

Community garden guests

Visitors at the Community Aquaponic Garden opening day

Come and see the Brisbane Aquaponics Community Garden!

The public is welcome to drop by and view the 24/7 grow bed and pond display. You can learn about Aquaponics from our staff during business hours or through the information in the display.

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