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Can Fruits Grow in Aquaponics Systems?


Can fruits grow in Aquaponics?

Simple Answer- Yes! 

There are many examples of fruits being grown in aquaponics systems.
The flavour and growth of fruiting plants are amazing, as long as there is adequate nutrition for the plants to grow.

Tomatoes are the most common, and easiest, fruiting plant grown in aquaponics, followed by chillies, cucumbers, eggplants, luffa and zucchini. 

If the climate allows, more extravagant plants can be grown such as:

  • Banana and mango trees    

  • Passionfruit vines

All fruiting plants in Aquaponics can be grown in media beds filled with clay balls, or even in deep water culture floating raft systems. The key to growth is making sure the flood and drain cycle, or the aeration, is consistent, even when the plant is a large tree.

When it comes to growing with Aquaponics, adding different varieties of plants is easy once the system is up and running. You may be surprised at how many different types of tomatoes are available for you to grow – from cherry tomatoes to the huge delicious beefsteak tomatoes.


Plant Support / How to Grow
For some tomato varieties, a plant support mesh or stakes can be set up in the aquaponics grow bed to support the limbs. Alternatively, an eggplant or cherry tomato plant doesn’t need any support at all. A cucumber plant grows differently again, sprawling out over the ground alongside the grow bed, and taking up minimal space inside the grow bed. Ensure to keep the fruit off the ground – outside of your grow bed there are many many more bugs that want your yummy fruit!


Expert Tip:

Look out for those Roots!

Fruiting plants have invasive roots, so it is best to place them in a fabric pot to ensure the roots don't wander.

This will inhibit growth, but the alternative is to let the roots grow free and keep an eye on your drainage system to make sure it doesnt get clogged by them.


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