Chris Picks Bio Diesel Edition - Bio Diesel Bloom Enhancer, Aloevate & Green Diamond A & B

Hi it's Chris from Aqua Gardening listen in to find out my top three from the Bio Diesel range.

Bio Diesel are a local Aussie company which has flourished over the past five years from a single amazing guano product to a staple full Hydroponic and coco coir range Bio Diesel Guano is the Ranges OG product it's fully organic and it creates more and bigger flowers plus more resins and terpenes it can increase your harvest by 30% easily.

Use two to four milliliters per liter during flour for amazing flower growth another organic additive is Aloevate made from aloe vera and yucca extract it creates stronger plant cells to hold up heavy branches and increases resistance to disease like pythium and Mosaic it also increases the nutrient uptake and the growth of the plant and is simply amazing foliar spray as it deters pests and disease and you can actually add this to any other Foliar spray as a natural wetting and chelating agent.

Green Diamond is the base nutrient from the range it is full of all the macro and micro nutrients for all plants and designed for Hydroponic and Coco Coir growing primarily it includes things like fulvic acids trace minerals and vitamins that all plants need and it uses the other products in the biodiesel range to get the exact nutrient your plant needs especially when there are varieties that require more nitrogen or calcium and boosting the flower stages find out more on the aqua gardening website or get in touch with the team through the regular chat channels thanks for watching