Author: Aqua Gardening
Date: 3 February 2023

Chris Picks Canna Edition - Rhizotonic, Cannazym & Coco A&B

G'day today I'm going to show you some of my favorite Canna Products.

Aqua gardening has been selling Canna for more than 10 years probably 20 years as far as we know and one of the staples as part of the range is Canna Rhizotonic which is an amazing root booster promotes fast vigorous root growth and it's completely organic algae based product and simply dilute it in water and then pour it over your grow media and it can even be foliar fed to the leaves of plants as well depending on your plant.

So the next product I'd like to show you is the Cannazym. This is an enzyme enhancer which is fed with the water into the grow media it breaks down dead and rotting roots and makes them back into energy basically or fertilizer for the plants which is reabsorbed it keeps the grow media very clean it helps the grow medium keeps it free of molds and other dead materials inside of it.

Using this can promote you using the growing media like coco or clay Pebbles over and over again we've not much work required from you and to pair with these products I've shown you from Canna today they've got a really awesome Canna coco Duo which is a base nutrient an A and B which is used from the early stages of your plants growth all the way through to the flowering stages these ones are formulated and made over in Holland.

They've been around four decades actually for decades and they're just great products to use with Coco coir and coco perlite mediums you meet a little bit from part A a little bit a little bit from Part B together in your watering can and then water through the growing media.

So these are my favorite three products from the Canna range if there's any more you'd like to hear about or any questions you have about these or other kind of products feel free to ask this in the comment section below or hit us up on the chat channels that Aqua Gardening has thanks for watching