Chris Picks LUMATEK - ATS Pro LED Grow Light 300W & Zeus Supplemental UV LED Light Bar UVA+UVB 30W

G'day I'd like to show you two products from Lumatek today including the UV bar 30 watt and the ATS Pro 300 watts used in completely different settings in indoor gardening the UVA UVB LED bar from Lumatek is just a 30 watt bar which is used as a pair of two bars you need two of them to suit a Zeus 600 and a lot of the other Zeus LEDs the main LEDs for like 1.2 by 1.2m it's up to 1.5 by 1.5m grow areas and then there's even another use as to use it as a three set with the Zeus Pro which covers 1.5 by 2 meters.

So what the UV actually does is increases the shelf life which is most amazing for me is is increasing the Shelf life of the final produce uh with the other benefits of increasing the smells and the flavors of the produce as well as most importantly increasing the raw Harvest by up to 30 percent.

So you can see the UV has a huge effect just used in the final stages of the bloom stage so yeah with the main benefit that it just Clips onto the existing Zeus LED range now for a slightly smaller grow areas particularly a one by one the ATS Pro 300 watt is uh the most suitable Lumatek uses top bin LEDs in all of their fixtures and they're also covered by very fine glue coating to make them ip65 rated backed up by a three year warranty there's not a lot that you've got to worry about when you're running with Lumateks.

So the performance of this is very balanced as a different coils rectangular coils shown spread the light very evenly over the growing area so you won't get darker Corners so much as you would with a single Source light it's full spectrum and it can be controlled using the Lumatek digital controller version 2 to make all the dimming and all the timing very easily from the one control panel if you have any more questions about these Lumatek LEDs or any other LLumatek LEDs hit up Aqua gardening in the comments below or in our regular chat channels thanks for watching.