Chris Picks PondMAX Edition - Pond Pumps and Algae Control

G'day today I'd like to show you a few of our favorite products from the pond max range here at Aqua Gardening.

I'll kick off with one that a lot of pond owners need over summer which is a three-in-one product also natural products safe for frogs and fish which basically cleans blanket and string algae as well as even the green water algae out of your pond now it might not do it straight away but over time with continuous use it will reduce those outings all over water the trick is is to keep it a little bit aerated at the same time either with a fountain or with an air pump and air stone to make sure your water can breathe and all the dying algae doesn't fall to the bottom of the pond and kill off all life in the pond which is potentially an issue but this is a great product which comes in a half liter and a five liter bottle and it's used at 10 mils per 250 liters of pond water.

The next pond product I'd like to show you is a small pond pump which is suitable for 1900 liters of water flow per hour so it could suit quite often 500 to 1000 liter ponds now this very small pump has a few benefits over a lot of other competitors such as a 10 meter thick rubberized cable it comes with a fountain kit it has a great three year warranty and it has a very small Sponge Filter built into the front case of the pump which can be squeezed out and emptied on a regular basis to get rid of any build up any sludge build up which is getting caught before it goes through the fountain.

The third product I'd like to show you today is a pump from the Evo 2 range which is a higher flow a slightly higher quality pump which also uses a bit less power than many of these style of pumps so these ones are great for uh water features for feeding to bio filters and pressure filters the key benefits are they can have a bigger Fountain to them they can have a Pond accessories plugged into the front of them with the screw thread on the front the the case can be removed with a slightly larger sponge on the front so both of these pumps come in a range of sizes from a 650 liter per hour up to 2800 liter per hour for the top one and the Evo twos come in 1900 liters per hour right through to 13 000 liters per hour so a huge range of these ones.

So both pumps come with a range of nozzles on the fountain kits including a sprays which go straight up the bell shaped umbrella shape and they also have t-junctions which can feed a water feature so do the fountain and a water feature at the same time they also have a variety of different fittings to connect onto different sizes of hoses ranging from 19 millimeters up to 38 millimeters and there's even another range which comes in the DC style so it can be plugged into your regular Australian wall plug but then it converts over to DC power which can also be used with solar panels if the AC power is not available if you have any more questions about these pumps or the pond makes Range please hit us up in the comments or leave us up in our chat channels and we'll be happy to answer any questions thanks for watching.