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Cooling Down My Indoor Garden

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Shiran from Aqua Gardening

In this Frequently Asked Questions Video for Indoor Gardens we are going to look at some of the challenges around keeping the heat down when you are growing indoors.

The sun is hot right? And if you’re standing in the sun without a shirt on and there’s no breeze - it’s really hard to keep cool! This is how a plant feels under artificial lighting indoors – if the temperature rises too high and the environment doesn’t support the high heat levels the plants are going to get stressed.

The good news just like keeping yourself cool, there are a variety of ways you can prevent plant stress.

If you imagine yourself on a hot day outdoors, a little breeze makes the heat much more bearable. The same goes for plants, a refreshing breeze moving through the leaves and making gentle movement in the leaves is perfect from them.

The same goes for fresh air - a plant needs fresh air just like we do! Once again, imagine closing all the doors to a room at home on a hot day, and just running a pedestal fan to keep yourself cool.

The fan is only going to cool you down for so long. Gradually the oxygen is used up with your breathing, and the humidity rises as you start to sweat and breathe heavier.

There is a similar effect on plants, they need fresh air for CO2 to breathe and to keep the humidity level in the right zone for transpiration and growth.

There’s many ways to get fresh air indoors using our special low power ventilation systems. There’s even natural ways to release CO2 that boost growth in your garden even if the temperature can’t be reduced! New technology is producing more efficient and cost effective lighting every year, and the cost of running an indoor garden has dropped and become just a small consideration.

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