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Dosing Pond Water with Beneficial Bacteria

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening.

Are you worried a fish pond is hard to maintain? Do you think your busy lifestyle will make it hard to keep your pond water crystal clear?

There is good news for you - keeping a pond has never been easier! Whether you have a limited number of guppies, or are fully stocked with exotics, your water can be automatically dosed to maintain optimum water quality around the clock.

Beneficial bacteria makes a huge difference to the health of fish and appearance of the pond, and dosing by hand becomes tedious and boring over time

An automatic dosing system can be programmed to do the work for you. A recharge bag of liquid bacteria is connected to the machine, and a small dosing system applies your dosage at the interval you want.

Treatments used in the system will break down dead algae and fish water, maintaining clean and clear water with a great relief your fish are being looked after.

Why not make your life easy? Check out the dosing system via the link below this video. Keep Watching to learn more about keeping fish and planning your pond or water feature.

I’m Chris From Aqua gardening – for beautiful water features and ponds.