Feed Charts And Schedules For Hydroponic Nutrients

Lost your feed chart or want to boost your grow? Here are links and pdf files of the feed charts and dosage calculators for all the major hydroponic nutrients that you'll find in Australia. Tips: pH ranges vary between the nutrients, and check with us to get the best nutrient for your grow media and climate.

The following nutrients are all available for purchase in the nutrients section of our online store.


Professors Nutrients

Professors Nutrients Regular Feed Chart - Feed Schedule

Professors Nutrients Organic Feed Chart - Feed Schedule


Bio Diesel Nutrients

Bio Diesel Recirculation System Feed Chart - Feed Schedule

Bio Diesel Coco/Run to Waste System Feed Chart - Feed Schedule


house and garden nutrients feed charts grow schedules

House and Garden Nutrients

House and Garden Nutrient calculator: http://www.house-garden.us/nutrient-calculator

House and Garden Feed Chart: House & Garden Feed Chart

Canna Nutrient Calculator Feed Chart

Canna Nutrients

Canna Nutrient Calculator customised to your grow media: http://www.canna.com.au/growguide

Canna Terra Feed Chart: Canna Terra Feed Chart

Canna Coco Feed Chart: Canna Coco Feed Chart

Bloom Advanced Floriculture Hydroponic Nutrient Feed Schedules

Bloom Advanced Floriculture

Bloom has an array of feed schedules to customise your grow here: http://bloomadvancedfloriculture.com.au/feed-schedules/

Our Favourite Bloom Feed Schedules are these ones.

Basic Run to Waste System: Bloom Basic Run to Waste 2 Week Veg Feed Schedule

Basic Recirculating System: Bloom Basic Recirculating 4 Week Feed Schedule

Deluxe: 2 Week (shorter plants) and 4 Week Bloom Deluxe Run To Waste 2 and 4 week Veg Feed Schedules

advanced nutrients of canada feed chart

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrient dosage calculator: http://www.advancednutrients.com/nutrient-calculator/

Advanced Nutrient Feed Chart on right:

general-hydroponics-nutrients and additives three part nutrient

General Hydroponics Nutrients

Genhydro Feeding Schedules: https://generalhydroponics.com/feedcharts/

Three part nutrient feed schedule - Flora Series: GH FloraSeries - Simple Feed Schedule

Two part nutrient feed schedule - Flora Nova: GH FloraNova - Simple Feed Schedule

Flairform hydroponic nutrients feed schedule

Flairform Nutrients

Flairform Hydroponic Dosage Calculator: http://flairform.com/dosage-calculator

Flairform Dosage Chart: Flairform dosage chart

Cyco Hydroponic Nutrients

Cyco Platinum Series Nutrients

Cyco Nutrient Calculator http://cycoflower.com/aus/cyco-platinum-series-feed-charts-nutrient-calculators/

Cyco Advanced Feed Chart: Cyco-advanced-feed-chart

Rock feed charts and schedules

Rock Hydroponic Nutrients

Rock Feed Chart: http://www.rocknutrients.com.au/charts

Dutch Master Hydroponic Nutrients Feed Charts

Dutch Master Nutrients

Dutch Master Nutrient Feed Charts: https://dutchmasternutrients.com/feed-charts/

Dutch Master Feed Chart and growing tips: Dutch Master Feed Chart

Grotek Nutrients

Grotek Nutrients

Grotek Feeding Chart: Grotek Feed Chart Bloom & Grow