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Fish Pond Maintenance Brisbane

Clean fish ponds are what everyone wants in their garden, and with some planning and a little preventative maintenance this is achievable. Some fish ponds are more susceptible to pond algae than others, this is often because of excessive sunlight. Algae thrives in sunlit and low oxygen environments, and contributing to algae growth are excessive nutrients, particularly phosphates and nitrogen. These nutrients may come from either pond plant fertilisers, or runoff from garden beds containing fertiliser. Even feeding fish adds to the nutrients in a pond.

Fish Pond Preventative Maintenance

Before adding pond algae treatments, it is best to take out as much algae as possible to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Many algae treatments will need to be repeated or need to be used on an ongoing basis. After treatment, it is suggested to remove dead algae from the pond to reduce biological oxygen demand. Aqua Gardening stocks a range of pond algae treatments.

Sludge which builds up on the bottom of your pond harbors anaerobic bacteria which are harmful to your fish pond. Adding a pond pump with a filter, a water fountain, a water feature or even an air pump to the fish pond, will assist in cleaner pond water. These items all add to the oxygen present in the water. More oxygen helps to promote beneficial "aerobic" bacteria which break down the sludge and excess nutrients.

Algae Eater Fish

Algae eater fish are also another preventative cleaning method. They slowly eat algae in the fish pond, but may be attacked by larger fish in the fish pond. Make sure there are plenty of places for the smaller fish to hide before introducing them to a pond with larger fish.

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