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How to Set Up a Backup Aeration System for Fish

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening.

Welcome to this frequently asked questions guide to backup aeration systems aquaponics. Oxygen is vital for fish, and when you are growing a lot of fish it becomes one of the most important aspects for their survival. In the event of a power cut, a system with 20 large fish could lose them all within an hour during a hot summer’s day. This is because when the water is warmer, there is even less oxygen available for the fish.

For this reason, most aquaponic gardeners opt for an air pump with a backup aeration function.

These pumps run on 240V while there is power, and should the power go out, it switches over automatically to a self-contained backup battery. When the power comes back on, normal operation resumes and the battery recharges itself. You can purchase a range of these products directly from us using the links below.

For larger systems of 20 fish or more. there is no all-in-one solution of pump, battery and automatic cut over. However, the Aqua Gardening backup switch does the switching job. When the power goes out, it will turn on an air pump connected to a battery. Customer’s should select a 100 amp hour or similar battery to pair with the switch, and a DC aeration pump. Test the system by unplugging the switch – the pump should turn on straight away. Aqua Gardening can provide you with the complete system. See the links at below this video.

Pay attention to the type of DC air pump you buy – often they are only to be used as backup pumps and are not guaranteed for continuous operation.

The deep cycle battery which is connected to the switch should stay on a trickle charge system while on standby, so it always has adequate power when the power actually does go off.

Make sure you have a backup plan for your first summer – learn from other people’s mistakes and use an air pump and a backup aeration solution too.

Check the links below to products mentioned in this video, and keep watching to learn more about thriving aquaponic gardening. I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening – safe, healthy food that grows itself.