Hydroponic Supplies Stores

Hydroponic gardening is a great way of growing plants without using soil as a medium. Instead of soil, plants draw their nutrition directly from the specially treated water. These systems don’t require as much maintenance as soil gardening and allows greater control over the plant growth and yield. A great hydroponic set up will help you grow and nurture all kinds of plants throughout the year.

What Hydroponic Supplies Do You Need?

You can purchase hydroponic kits from hydroponics stores and simply assemble them in your home or garden. Some retailers will provide a complete kit along with some instructions on how to use them. Make sure to check the kit has everything you need. Here’s a brief introduction to what you need in a thriving hydroponic system:


You need pumps to supply air and water to the plants in a hydroponic garden. The water pump will circulate nutrient-rich water in the grow trays and drawn the waste water from the system. Air pumps are essential in indoor hydroponic gardens, as they provide fresh air to the plants so they can thrive in their environment. 


Timers ensure you supply the nutrients and grow lights to the plants in a timely fashion. This will allow you to control the growth of the plants and ensure you get the best yield. Timers should be attached to every essential system in your hydroponic garden to ensure everything works in sync. An expert will explain how to set up a hydroponic system with timers and help you determine the best growing schedule.


Nutrients are the food for the plants, added at the same time as water. There is a vast range of nutrient brands out there, and a hydroponic supplies store will be able to help you decide which one is best for your growing method and location.

Grow Trays

Trays hold plants and will contain the nutrient-rich water as well. You can’t grow plants in a hydroponic system without grow trays.

Grow Lights

Grow lights replace sunlight and trigger the photosynthesis process. Plants won’t survive in the hydroponic system if they don’t have sufficient amount of light. The lights also allow you to control and guide plant growth and ensure you get good yield.

pH Testing Kit

It’s important to maintain a good pH balance in the hydroponic environment. If the nutrient water has lower or higher than optimal pH levels then your plants won’t grow well or last long.

Consult with an Expert

 You can create a great hydroponic system if you get the balance between all aspects of the system right. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done so if you want to succeed from the get go, you should get expert advice from experienced professionals. A sales person from a good hydroponic supplies retail store will provide all the help you need. Here’s how they can help:

Basic Equipment

They will provide a list of all the equipment you need to set up a hydroponic system. They will also explain why you need the equipment and what purchase they serve.

Growing Schedule

Different plants require different growing schedules and it’s vital to find the right balance if you want them to thrive in your hydroponic garden. The experts in the store will help you create a tailored growing schedule that will work best for all of the plants in your garden.

A great hydroponic system will ensure that your plants remain healthy and thrive! You just need to make sure that the support system is solid.