Author: Aqua Gardening
Date: 19 May 2021

Hydroponics Brisbane

Biggest Hydroponics Store in Brisbane

Aqua Gardening have been specialising in Hydroponics Brisbane for the past 25 years. Our unique showroom and store is located in Stafford, Brisbane and stock the biggest and best brands of Hydroponics Nutrients, Additive boosters, Highest Quality Grow Media, Grow lamps and LEDs, fans, carbon filters and grow tents to meet all your growing needs.

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Our emphasis is on helping people understand Hydroponics and we offer friendly advice to help you grow the healthiest plants possible. We have fact sheets in store to help you identify plant nutrient deficiencies and diseases and can offer you advice on how to solve them.


Hydroponics Brisbane Store

Visit our Hydroponics Brisbane store to see grow tent and hydroponic systems, with both plants and seedlings grown indoors under artificial lights. We have CFL Lamps, HID Lamps and the best in full spectrum LED Grow Lights which suit Brisbane's hot and humid weather perfectly.

Apart from brand new products, check out our On Sale web page where we offer discounted hydroponic products so that you can get growing no matter what your budget is.


Hydroponic Nutrients

We have a vast range of "hydro nutes" - almost every nutrient known in Australia! Check out the range by different type here, or if you know your brand head straight to the brand page you need. We offer competitive prices with friendly help to get your started growing your favourite plants. We are always expanding our nutrient ranges, especially as new technology is used to give our customers a choice of the best available whether it be organic or synthetic. Hydro and Earth is the most exciting in 2021 - developed with the help of the University of Queensland and our friendly Aqua Gardening staff. See the amazing single part hydroponic nutrient here.


Think Local - Hydroponics Brisbane

We don't want locals travelling long distances to get their staple growing needs, so come and compare prices and let us know if we're not competitive on your product. Check out our online store for products as we are add new products daily!

Using your Local Brisbane Hydroponics Store has never been more rewarding with Aqua Gardening. Featuring the best rewards program in the industry, with rewards giving you up to 15% off our everyday low prices, it has never been a better time to shop local and seek advice from your very own community here in Brisbane's northern suburbs.