Hydroponics Brisbane

Hydroponics brisbane

Aqua Gardening have been specialising in Hydroponics Brisbane for the past 19 years. We are located in Enoggera, Brisbane and stock Canna and Growth Technology nutrients, Lumatek and Powerplant ballasts, Philips and Powerplant lamps, Adjust-a-wings reflectors, fans, ducting, silencers, carbon filters and grow tents to meet all your growing needs.

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Our emphasis is on helping people understand Hydroponics and we offer friendly advice to help you grow the healthiest plants possible. We have fact sheets in store to help you identify plant nutrient deficiencies and diseases and can offer you advice on how to solve them.

Hydroponics Brisbane Store

Come into our Hydroponics Brisbane store to see grow tent displays with both plants and seedlings under lights. We have High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS), Metal Hallide Lamps (MH) and new LED lights with which we have seen some impressive grow results. We stock the Philips 80W flouro and Powerplant  130W and 250W globes for seedlings, grow and flowering.

Apart from brand new products we also offer secondhand ballasts, secondhand reflectors and secondhand lamps so that you can get growing no matter what your budget.


Our GT (Growth Technology) range includes nutrients specific for Chillies, Herbs and Flowers, and we offer competitive prices with friendly help to get your started growing your favourite plant. We are expanding into a new range of nutrients in 2014 to give our customers a choice of the best available whether it be organic or synthetic.

Think Local - Hydroponics Brisbane

We don't want locals travelling long distances to get their staple growing needs, so come and compare prices and let us know if we're not competitive on your product. Check out our online store for products as we are adding many more in 2014, but in store we still have many more.