Author: Aqua Gardening

Hydroponics Equipment in Queensland

Hydroponic gardens are the best way to grow plants indoors and ensure that they thrive. This system provides the plants with all of the nutrients they need to provide a large and healthy yield. A hydroponic garden needs a series of equipment and tools to function properly. When you have all of your equipment in place and master your gardens growing schedule, you can expect your plants to thrive and grow well.

What Equipment is in a Hydroponic System?

There are many different kinds of hydroponic systems you can install for your gardenening. The system you choose depends largely on the type of plants you want to grow and the amount of care and maintenance you’re willing to perform. Here’s a list of some things that you need in most types of hydroponic gardens:

Nutrient Reservoirs

Water isn’t a good replacement for soil as a growth medium unless it’s treated with special solutions to enhance its nutritional value. In a hydroponic system, this nutrient-rich water is stored in reservoirs. Air and water pumps will carry this water from the reservoirs to the plants and circulate it through the hydroponic system at regular intervals. This provides plants with all the nutrition they need to survive without soil in an indoor environment.

Plant Fertiliser

You need specialised plant fertiliser for your hydroponic system because regular fertilisers that are used in soil just won’t provide the plants what they need. Regular fertilisers add nutrients to those already present in the soil and replenish them. Water has some minerals but it doesn’t have enough nutrition on its own for just the regular plant fertiliser to work. Specialised hydroponic nutrients are the fertilisers used in hydroponics. Hydroponic nutrients will ensure that your plants receive what they need to thrive.


The air in an indoor hydroponic garden can quickly become stale and muggy. The excessive moisture can cause problems and hamper plant growth. Good ventilation fans will keep fresh air circulating in the premises and ensure your plants receive a good supply of carbon dioxide and oxygen at all times. Ventilation will also help spread the plant seeds and encourage more growth.


Indoor gardens don’t receive as much sunlight as they need. Hydroponic lights are the best equipment for articficial lighting. These lights are of the right temperature and colour to trigger the process of photosynthesis and encourage growth. If you want your garden to thrive, you need to make sure that your plants receive ample light from all possible sources. You should also set a timer to ensure that the light shuts off at regular intervals. A good cycle that mirrors the natural pattern closely will ensure that the plants grow well and provide you with the yield you desire.

These are just few of the essentials you need to set up your hydroponic garden. An expert at the hydroponic equipment store will provide a complete list of all the products you need to purchase to create a complete system within your property. They will also point you towards the best products available in the market.