Author: Aqua Gardening
Date: 28 June 2023

ISN Farm Stories: Case Study

Video Transcript:

When ISN came to me they wanted me to grow some tomatoes, they gave me some beefsteak and some San Marzano. 
I said at the start, "Look, I don't know about these two varieties because they don't really grow too well here in South Australia."
But using this fertiliser, the ISN range - these plants are booming!

From day one we put in the grow A & B, and I was recommended some ISN nutrients to actually use, their Seaweed, their Fulvic and their Microbes at [the time of] planting just to reduce any stress.

The plants took off straight away.

ISN's got all the micronutrients that you need, which you can't find in some other fertilisers. 

Its a great product, I've seen a huge difference since I've started using ISN. Not only on Tomatoes but I've actually used it on cucumbers and capsicums as well. 
All three crops had a huge difference in yield and size of the fruit, the shelf life has actually been better, and the sugars in the fruit. 

You know, it's so sweet. Just Great quality.