Author: Aqua Gardening

Pond Liner Installation at Aqua Gardening

The following pictures show the process of pond liner installation for a pond built with sleepers above ground. The sleepers are 40x200mm in 2.4m lengths picked from the pile at Bunnings.

Pond Liner Installation 1 - Sleepers for the pond being assembled

Sleepers for the pond being assembled by a carpenter

Pond Liner Installation 2 - Sleepers for the pond assembled

Sleepers finished and ready for weedmat to be laid

Pond Liner Installation 3 - Weedmat placed in base

Weedmat is laid to protect from plants coming through the base of the pond and puncturing the pond liner.

Pond Liner Installation 4 - Weedmat in corner

The weedmat should come up the edges about 20cm.

Pond Liner Installation 5 - Sand placed on weedmat and in tight corners

Sand is laid around the edges of the pond to soften them and make a smoother surface for the pond liner.

A good quality geofabric is then placed on the sand to provide a soft base for the pond liner to absorb impacts from the surface of the pond liner, and to allow water to flow between the surfaces.

Pond Liner Installation 7 - Geofabric is the layer after weedmat and sand

The geofabric should cover the area under the pond liner which will be flooded with water.


Pond Liner Installation 8 - Clamps holding the pond liner in position

Next, place your pond liner into position and grip it in place ready to be screwed into the timber.

Pond Liner Installation 9 - Clamps holding the pond liner ready for screws

Bricks carefully placed can also help get the shape of the pond liner right.

Pond Liner Installation 10 - Water added to pond - No Leaks!

The completed pond liner, screwed into the timber. No leaks detected!

Pond Liner Installation 11 - The finishing touches

Applying the final touches, a wide board to provide some shade for the fish in summer.

Aqua Gardening Pond and Waterfall Aquaponics system

The completed pond connected into our Community Aquaponic Garden grow beds and NFT channels

Aqua Gardening Pond and Waterfall Aquaponics system 2

An aquaponics radial filter provides filtration for the vertical wall and grow beds.