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Ponds & Water Features - Improving The Environment & Teaching Kids About Nature

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening

Have you ever noticed how kids are attracted to water? Do you remember the excitement they had when they spotted a fish or a turtle?

Children want to interact with and learn about nature, this is programmed into each and every one of us. Add water to the picture, and their enthusiasm bubbles over! A pond can be a safe and friendly learning environment for kids, something they can touch, feel and stay amused with for hours on end. It’s also an opportunity to speak to them about nature and where water creatures come from.

Ponds and water features conserve other natural resources besides water, and are eco-friendly because they don't use harmful pesticides and fertilisers – instead they support local creatures.

Very few pests attack aquatic plants, and they can be controlled with a squirt of water or biological controls.

If you compare this to a lawn, which requires mowing, fertilising, and weeding, a pond is a picture of calm and serenity, and makes your home look more beautiful and inviting, especially with a little water fall and night time lighting.

Getting kids involved and thinking about nature early in life encourages them to continue their interest in the environment throughout adulthood. Planning, building, and maintaining a pond or water feature can teach children how a complete, natural ecosystem works.

It can also help them understand the responsibility we all have for caring for our environment, which can ignite their interest in creating a better future for our planet.

While ponds have always been a haven for beautiful fish, they also attract and provide a sanctuary of breeding for indigenous wildlife in your neighbourhood, like dragonflies, frogs, and birds.

Tadpoles are a desirable pond inhabitant for their algae and mosquito larvae eating habits.

In a world where housing developments march the cities wider and further, and unfortunately are destroying nature on a daily basis, isn’t it a good idea to save a little part and keep protect it yourself?

A common misconception is that ponds breed mosquitoes. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. Mosquitoes seldom breed in water bodies deeper than 30cm, and with the presence of pond fish or tadpoles you will have any larvae eaten quickly. Ponds also attract dragonflies which are mosquito hunters. Dragonflies are attracted to ponds to lay their eggs, and while they are around they can eat dozens of mosquitoes at a time. In addition, dragonfly nymphs live underwater for years, consuming mosquito larvae.

Then they crawl up plant stems to shed their skins and become adult mosquito control!

There are so many beautiful pond and water features you can install to bring more tranquillity and enjoyment to your home. We can even help design the best pond or water feature for your home or garden.

To see our range of ponds and pondless water features, follow the link below. I’m Chris From Aqua Gardening – for safe, healthy environments that are a benefit to you and your family.