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The Benefits Of Aquaponics & Hydroponics

Video Transcript:

Hi, It’s Shiran from Aqua Gardening here. In this video I want to share with you all the benefits of having an automatic garden at home, which will help you understand why hydroponics and aquaponics have became so popular around the world.

Firstly, your fresh herbs, vegetables and even fruit grow 3 times faster than a soil garden – take a look at this time-lapse comparison of a soil garden vs a hydroponics system

This allows you to grow safe, fresh food free of toxins and pesticides that most commercially grown food is full of. One thing I have learnt is that the best person to take care of your family’s health is you.

Don’t expect the supermarkets or the government to do it. The good news is you CAN with our automatic garden systems that give you tasty delicious food that grows itself.

Now this is one of my favourite benefits, you cannot kill these plants no matter what you do! So even if you feel you are hopeless at gardening and don’t have a green thumb in your entire family history, you can grow fresh, safe food that thrives! WHY? Firstly, Because you never have to remember to water you plants. Also, you cannot over water your plants either!

They take the nutrients and water they need from our Automatic garden systems. You cannot do this with soil gardens which you can easily over water or incorrectly fertilise and even burn your plants.

You have none of these worries with our hydroponics and aquaponics systems – and if you do have any issues you can literally fix any problems in less than 24 hours.
What’s even better is that you hardly have to touch our automatic garden systems – they need minimal care and virtually look after themselves –

you just keep harvesting the tasty, fresh herbs, and vegetables every week which saves you thousands of dollars every year in grocery bills.
So no matter how busy you are or even if you hate gardening, you can have one of our easy to setup automatic garden kits on your balcony or outdoor area.
You can even grow your own fresh fish and plants together in our aquaponics systems – how amazing is that!

Aquaponics is just like hydroponics but with fish in the water tank - that benefit from the same nutrients that the plants need to thrive – so you get a double benefit of fresh fish with healthy herbs & vegetables.

Don’t put up with tasteless overpriced supermarket food anymore. Join the fresh food revolution and try our automatic garden systems that deliver fresh, safe food that grows itself

We have a 60 money back guarantee, so if it doesn't fit into your location you can simply return it with no questions asked.

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