Using Bell Siphons in Aquaponics
Author: Aqua Gardening
Date: 27 January 2023

Using Bell Siphons in Aquaponics

Aquaponics is an excellent way to grow plants and fish in a sustainable, self-sustaining system. At the heart of any aquaponic system is the bell siphon, a device used to regulate water flow. Bell siphons are automatic, easy to use, and require very little maintenance. In this blog post, we'll explore what bell siphons are and how they can benefit your aquaponic setup.

What Are Bell Siphons?

A bell siphon is basically a pipe that is placed at the bottom of an aquaponic grow bed or tank. It has two sections: an inner chamber where air is trapped and an outer chamber where water flows through. The bell shape creates a vacuum when the water level reaches a certain point, which causes the air trapped in the inner chamber to create suction and force out all of the water from the tank or grow bed. This process helps keep your aquaponic system in balance by regulating water levels and creating a cycle of flood and drain throughout your system.

Benefits of Using Bell Siphons

Bell siphons provide many benefits for both beginner and experienced aquaponic gardeners alike. They are automatic, so they require very little maintenance on your part once installed - simply set it up once and leave it alone! Additionally, bell siphons are incredibly efficient at maintaining optimal oxygen levels for plants and fish alike. As long as you make sure that your bell siphon is correctly sized for your specific setup (a task made much easier with pre-made kits available online!), you can enjoy worry-free operation for years to come with minimal upkeep required from you - perfect for busy or time-poor gardeners!

Making Your Own Bell Siphon vs Buying an Automatic One

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even make your own bell siphon by following other people’s guides online - just make sure to double check that everything works before adding fish or plants into your system! Making your own bell siphon will require some basic plumbing knowledge as well as access to certain tools such as PVC pipes, valves, tubing, etc., but it can save you money if you have all of these items on hand already. If not, buying an automatic bell siphon may be more cost effective in the long run since it eliminates the need for frequent manual adjustments while still providing excellent results.


Whether you choose to purchase a pre-made kit or build one yourself, there's no doubt that using a bell siphon in your aquaponic setup will help maintain optimal oxygen levels while making sure that everything runs smoothly without requiring too much effort on your part. So why not give it a try? With minimal maintenance required after installation, you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of having an automated bell siphon without having to worry about regular upkeep!

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