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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Pond?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris from Aqua Gardening.

So why would you want to go to install a pond or water feature? Are they just another thing to look after and take up your precious time? Contrary to this, water gardens have been proven to boost the value of your home, improve your well-being, improve the aesthetics in your yard and are more eco-friendly than a swimming pool.

Home appraisal experts in the United States have confirmed that in higher end neighborhoods where expensive landscaping is common, a pond or water feature may boost the value of the home to the top of the price range!

It was found to be one of most inexpensive ways to increase the value of a property when compared to patios, home extensions, kitchen renovations and decks.

Ponds and water features are also proven to improve your self-esteem and mood in as little as 5 minutes. Imagine returning home at the end of a day after a long commute from the city, and relaxing in your nature-inspired backyard, complete with a waterfall or rippling stream that flows into a pond.

This would not only improve the aesthetics and value to your yard, but calm and revitalise your body as well as family and visitors who spend time in the relaxing environment.

There are also the numerous benefits of converting your existing pool into a pond.

A freshwater pond is cheaper to maintain than a traditional swimming pool, which was confirmed by a Sydney council who calculated you will save up to a $1000 per year on the running cost of a pool, if you convert it to a pond.

Then there are also eco-friendly benefits of ponds. You will enhance bio diversity of animals in the area and educate children about nature, both areas which are becoming harder and harder to achieve these days. Reducing your chemical and power use if converting a pool will also be a positive impact on the environment.

So if you want to increase the value of your home, and create a natural environment that will increase your quality of life and be eco-friendly, a pond or water feature is the answer!

To see our range of ponds and pondless water features, follow the link below. I’m Chris From Aquagardening – for safe, healthy environments that are a benefit to you and your family.